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Rock'n'roll enclave
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Rock'n'roll enclave
Sep 29, 2000, 13:19

I've been fantasising for some time now about a rock'n'roll enclave - I live in Oxford, it's not too great - everything is hellishly expensive, even if you can bear to queue for a long time to get it (termtime influx into Oxford = between 10 and 20k students).
The entertainment provided for those motherfuckers of a forward-thinking nature is next to nil...
Even the pubs I go in don't play music I wanna hear... how many others on this list feel this way?

So, my plan - gather up the heads and head out to somewhere fairly remote, exodus-stylee...
At the moment, I'm fancying Cornwall, preferably on the Land's End penninsula. If enough righteous-thinkers moved there, we could take it over....
Let's get insular on the penninsula!

Matt Sul
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