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Jihadists meet satire with bullets
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phallus dei
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Re: Jihadists meet satire with bullets
Jan 12, 2015, 16:33
Captain Starlet wrote:
Something that's been playing on my mind is that there's so many people going on about freedom of speech here. Charlie Hebdo wasn't the exact exemplar of freedom of speech itself, they sacked the artist Siné in 2009 for 'anti-semitism' when he was only commenting on Sarkozy.

It seems that freedom of speech is ok as long as you don't piss off certain people in their eyes, which to me is just rank hypocrisy.

I agree. Here is a great article that originally appeared on the World Socialist Website about Western hypocrisy regarding "freedom of speech" and the recent events in France. Even if you aren't a Marxist (and I'm not), the article still makes many good points:


And here is a relevant article by Noam Chomsky:

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