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Re: Prague
Sep 21, 2000, 13:45
An e-group has been set up
which will enable activists going to Prague to contribute to a diary of sorts,
which any of you at home or work can have a look at, and contribute to yourself.

Usually, going on actions, the media show a completely different version of what
has actually happened (as they do...) Most of you who this e-mail is addressed
to know me, and I like the idea of being able to keep in contact with friends
while I'm in Prague, and to try and bring you closer to what will really be
happening. I thought the e-group might also serve a useful purpose as another
way of keeping in touch with people when the Czech police start putting into
practice the training they have been receiving from american police, etc, who
waded in with tear gas and all that in Seattle in November last year - when the
World Trade Organisation's meeting was shut down.

What is this e-group? For those of you unfamiliar, this is how you can use it.

Get on the internet to this address:

You will have to register your e-mail address with the e-group website. There is
a simple on-line registration, e-groups will then e-mail you and you have to
reply to confirm your e-mail address.

You are then free to enter e-groups and join the <praguediary> group.

Once registered, you can go into "My Profile" and ask the praguediary egroup to
post all messages direct to your e-mail address. This way you will get all the
diary entries from anyone who comes across this e-group without having to be
logged onto the internet (cheaper for most of you).

Once in the praguediary egroup it is all self explanatory about how to post your
own messages.

I hope you do get the chance to keep in touch with praguediary - i like the idea
of the support it can provide to people who are travelling a long way to stand
up and be counted.

Some other websites you might want to look at:

<www.whirledbank.org.uk> the truth about the World Bank
<www.agp.org> People's Global Action, a global network of people's movements,
who called for 26 September as an International Day of Action
<http://ecn.cz/inpeg> Initiative Against Economic Globalisation - providing
support for many activists in Prague
<www.schnews.org.uk> weekly international activist news

and many more....

PLEASE FORWARD THIS E-MAIL, OR THE ADDRESS <www.egroups.com/group/praguediary>

If you're not going to Prague and get itchy feet to do something yourself, there
will hopefully be ideas and suggestions on <praguediary> for help and support.
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