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a sense of direction
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Annexus Quam
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a sense of direction
Sep 20, 2000, 16:55
I’ve jumped here Razor Boy!

If a non-buggering non-smoker complains in a crowded smoky room the smokers will state that there is so much more shit around, like air pollution. This is the argument that you are using, razor. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the anti-life negativity of it all but I'll tell you something:

CDs were born from the inadequacies of the modern world to have access to a singer or a poet in our urban long-lost individualist communities.

PCs are another inadequacy which replaces the human habit to communicate with other cool non-buggering guys in an uncool society with no respect for the mofo.

I'd much rather chat with you in real life and invite a local freak-out faust to play in my house than have to use my computer or buy cds. I don't give a shit about either one of those things - they are, as fitz says, "tools".

The fact that we have to move around does not mean we should condone the existence of the combustion engine. As everyone knows, we move more because we are FORCED to move more in our corporate sainsbury's lifestyles. And what's worse, we move ensconced in cars so as to shelter from... the dirt and grime of the city.

What I am trying to say is that one thing does NOT presuppose the other. There is always more than one alternative. And although none of us will see us rid of the dirt and grime in our life spans, it is no case of utopia. The world is unavoidably going in that direction. It may also be that sooner rather than later overpopulation (at least in the 50 years ahead) will force people to adopt vegetarian lifestyles, after the GM fiasco because cattle can become quite unsustainable.

Changes like the avoidance of meat are not that hard to make and do not take too much effort. In fact, I cannot see anything which is not easy to change in theory if there is a will. The only problem is corporate dictatorship holding on to their big empires and still trying to expand them (check how tobacco companies are giving out ciggies to teenagers in third world nations so as to set their smelly feet on future empires). Corporate propaganda will keep extolling the virtues of smoking or the dangers of vegetarianism or the non-existence of the greenhouse effect and confuse people with no desire to change their scared lives who will hold on to these un-facts in the midst of an overwhelming amount of evidence coming from many other sources.

New Age Lightweight? Nah! Killing is natural, I am all for it. The Mother is a Heavy Mother and Life is a Heavy Trip, though always Full-On. As I said, killing an animal is not a bad thing in itself and I could do it myself. But don't ask me to if I can help it. And I can right now. I will as long as I am allowed to make a choice.
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