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Just a Quick One...
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Buzzard of Morfe
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Just a Quick One...
Sep 16, 2000, 10:11
Well, they've let me out for the weekend, and I have watched the madness from my hospital bed all week, hahahahahahahah.

I just love the way that us Brits will cut each others throats in a crisis.

"40 loaves of bread please shopkeeper. And while I'm filling my belly with Mother's (diminished) Pride, I'll put some 4 star through my cat' converter and fuck the engine. Just for the feeling of 'having' some fuel!"

I'm glad that this manic part of the world got a chance to just 'slow down' for ten minutes, and maybe one or two folk remembered what legs were for! Shame that the UK's 'car free day' is only a few days away. Most of the Petrolheads will be driving their litle asses off by then, feeling elated and jubilant and reborn.

Weirder to me, this full moon heralded a new lease of life for me.
The same day that I found a pain killer that allows me to walk for the first time in 2 years, I get given a car! I have never had a car, or wanted one, and right in the middle of the fuel crisis, while I'm in hospital, I become the proud owner of a 1970's Triumph Saloon. I wouldn't *entertain* the thought of driving it, but it's got a dial on the dash that says "Third Dimension Sound". I am falling hopelessly in love.... now how can I get a fuel cell in the bugger... ;-)

Bee Blessed

I'm coming out...
next week... NURSE!
(Annexus, thanks for the oranges! X)

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