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Buzzard of Morfe
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Re: pigs
Sep 27, 2000, 23:13
I haven't had the misfortune to see these images bro', but I know what you're saying. I remember only too well that american guy with special needs and a small knife, who was dropped to the floor by six US cops with guns. Bang, dead. I have spent the last six years working with teenagers with multiple learning difficulties, very confused young people. Having disarmed a raging and hyperactive 14 year old with a kitchen knife, I can only shake my head at the big brave cops who have millions of dollars spent on their training, only to shoot the nearest 'threat' dead on sight. Ther's a big difference between a desire to keep the peace, and a need to unleash one's male insecurities and bigotry on the nearest 'misfit'.
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