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Greedhead Detector - Everything's coming up smelling of Roses
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Edited Nov 15, 2012, 12:19
Greedhead Detector - Everything's coming up smelling of Roses
Nov 15, 2012, 11:00
Just how far can a band blow off moralistic course for the sake of filthy lucre?
Case in question - The Stone Roses.
I've just read news that they have announced that they are playing a gig in Dubai next year - so that would be presumably peforming for resident millionaires and oil barons in a country famous for questionable human rights policies.
Okay, good to see they're still as idealistic and 'right-on' then.
Yeah right.
This is possibly the latest and lowest move in a reunion campaign that has seen them reject most of their previous 'band of the people' claims and mutate into an ammoral, self-serving, hulking rock behemoth (a 'dinosaur' even).
Take the fact that Ian Brown has constantly rattled on about the homeless, the poor, the downtrodden in songs and interviews (not forgetting a tune which openly criticised Israel's attacks on Palestine - shortly before he played a gig in......Israel).
Yet how many of their recent millions earned have been donated to charities like Shelter, Big Issue, Amnesty International? None (that I'm aware of)!
They even had Mick Jones and Pete Wylie's Hillsborough Justice Campaign band supporting them at Heaton Park but not one penny of the Roses' money went that way either. *
One can appreciate the fact that they are trying to recoup some of their (hundreds of thousands at the most - not millions) money they reckon was ripped off in the 90s but come on, just how low do you need to stoop - and how many millions do you actually need in the bank? (I'm not denying them a 'pension' per say - they're not getting any younger after all - and I'm not suggesting they 'give it all away' but some sort of token gesture would be nice, come on!)
It seems they've become everything they supposedly set out to destroy years ago, in fact and I don't mind saying - they've possibly become worse than U2 now in the hypocrisy stakes.
The Stone Roses, apparently born out of the frustration of (and as a reaction against) Thatcherite 80s greed have adopted so many of the me-decade's worst aspects of late. Sleep well guys!
As Jim Morrison once sang "money beats soul"

*and have these so called (some time) Clash fanatics the Roses even heard of Strummerville - The Joe Strummmer Foundation For New Music, huh?
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