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GM, dead end
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Annexus Quam
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GM, dead end
Aug 31, 2000, 16:34
The argument that we need to produce yet more food is ridiculous. There is evidence of food surplus, even very close to or in crisis areas.

GM American corporations are only interested in their business games, in taking over local traditional farming communities all over the world in typical fuck-everyone big-corporation fashion.

Resisting it on a local level is getting harder and harder as the GM corporate monster gets bigger. They refused to label it at first as they very well knew that the great majority of the population would rather eat “normal” food, or even organic food.

It surely is NO improvement over anything already available, no better taste and no better fields. Now that the market is getting increasingly difficult in Europe, they take advantage of the situation in Third World countries, easy prey for them bloodsucking money machines. Farmers are committing suicide on mass there since it is extremely hard not to convert to it, the power of money being so strong. The ultimate act of bloodsucking is they’re acquiring the “rights” of certain foods (as if that were possible).

The question is not whether GM is safe or not (though I have the feeling it is NOT in the long term - but who cares about the long term effects?). The question is do we need it at all when it is nothing else but another case of corporate colonisation?

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