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The French banning the niqab/burka
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The French banning the niqab/burka
Apr 11, 2011, 14:58
I have to admit, I find the sight of a woman wearing one of these rather unsettling. I struggle to understand it as 'her choice'. I think it's 'all wrong'. I don't understand why anyone would want to walk around not freely feeing the sun/ a cooling breeze on their face for one. I dress rather modestly, I've never went for 'tarty', yet often that's the riposte.
But do I think 'a ban' is the right response? Probably not. Because surely, if it is a matter of cultural pressure, or worse, then it means the woman will see even less of the light of day.
So this other clause, suggesting 'blokes' will be penalised for forcing their spouse/daughter to dress this way, will never, ever be pursued, if need be.
So to me, as much as the reactionary in me would answer 'no' to the whole face veil shebang, this 'fix all' decision threatens to leave many women in an even darker place than before.
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