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Apr 04, 2011, 01:06
I thought my mind was made up about this, and I think overall I'm likely to vote yes, but I've heard valid arguments made the other way too.

The people in the working class heartlands are always going to vote Labour. There would be safe Labour seats in certain parts of the country, even if Labour were to have policies that make the lives of the people in those areas far worse. Similarly, the Conservatives could announce that they intend to nationalise everything and legalise heroin and the good people of Surrey would still vote for them. So all the parties are chasing the votes of the marginals, and these marginal voters seem to be somewhere on the centre right.

The result is that only parties that set their policies to appeal to this tiny minority can ever gain power.

So I think electoral reform is a prerequisite to any other change.

That's not to say I think it will usher in a new golden age, but without it, nothing will ever change.

I voted Liberal in the last election (ironically my vote was wasted because Labour got in in my constituency) But I wasn't really voting Liberal. I was voting for a party that was calling for electoral reform.

I get the feeling that the Lib Dems, by being horrible right wing dipshits, have effectively killed the campaign for reform. Certainly their performances in recent by-elections have shown that they've fucked themselves over in spades.

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