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Aussie heads alert - help stop draconian plant prohibition
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Aussie heads alert - help stop draconian plant prohibition
Feb 01, 2011, 14:15
Hi all,
this is my first post in the U-Know forum, not due to any lack of interest or activism in political issues, but because I usually spend my time online to think about stuff other than that, like music :-)
However it's through the 'net and e-mail that I learned of this a little while ago, and it's an issue of great concern to Australians who care for some of their freedoms, especially when it comes to many potentially psychoactive plants that are currently legal to grow here, many of which are grown as ornamental plants by people who never intend to consume them.
There is legidslation in the works that intends to accomplish this and more, including the intention of prohibiting possession of cultivation information for these plants, and ridiculously, even garden implements used (or that could be used) to cultivate them. All of this is supposedly meant to be about commercial cultivation for a black market trade that doesn't (yet) exist, although terms are vague and suspicion of intent due to social profiling may be all that is needed. This concerns not only people interested in sacred plants, but everyday gardeners, plant societies, and nurseries, as well as people who simply wish to defend human rights and plant conservation.
Here's the link asking for submissions regarding the discussion paper on the proposed legislation (and the paper can be downloaded from the same page) -

Lobbyists for the people Get Up also have a page up where you can show support for the proposal for them to launch a campaign against it -

It's got a lot of support so far, but hopefully they take it up soon because we only have until March 11th to make submissions by letter or e-mail. If you respond, please try to remain logical and don't just abuse them, it won't help! However a large number of submissions picking on it rationally will help, hopefully enough to make an impact and prevent this going through as written.

Thanks for your time!

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