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CS Gas at Peaceful Protest
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The Sea Cat
The Sea Cat
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Edited Feb 12, 2011, 15:56
Re: CS Gas at Peaceful Protest
Feb 12, 2011, 15:35
Son Of Custard wrote:
The Sea Cat wrote:
I have decided to lock this thread as I feel that this is no longer a valid discussion but an unnecessary disruption.

I hope you all understand. Thanks.

edit: I hope that's ok Merrick, in terms of site and editorial protocol, as it was a thread that I had originated.

You have really grown into being a twaty little censurer.
Your completely overly verbose and pretencious posts are a wonder to behold also.
Like ole Bob Seger says........'Beautiful Loser'.
"He'll always say please"....."He'll never make any enemies"......

How strange! I edited/removed that post shortly after as I wanted to avoid the very issue of censorship, and yet here it is again! ( the clue is in the fact that the thread is still unlocked ). 'Verbose and pretentious'. Ha ! LOL!

Anyway, what's wrong with good manners ?

Peace and Love.

ps: I recommend a dictionary and a thesaurus....and some Eric Clapton downloads.
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