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The Spiritual Vegetarian
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The Spiritual Vegetarian
Aug 22, 2000, 19:41
I've read with interest several of the threads here regarding vegetarianism, veganism, what is cool and what isn't cool. Of course we all have to do whatever works best for us, and being judgemental of others who are trying gets us nowhere. For me, however, not eating meat is a very spiritual issue. To read about the Ancients, and the way they honoured the animals that they killed, is so different from our reality of shrink-wrapped anonymous slabs in Sainsburys. The Ancients would use every last bit of the animal, thank the appropriate gods and, after eating the meat of certain animals, those properly trained would even be rewarded by visions. A far cry from having to worry about CJD. American Indians who still follow in the ways of their ancestors continue to hunt with honour and as Mufassa (sp?) said in the Lion King, this is The Circle of Life. Where is the honour in the abbatoir?
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