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OK to eat Fish?
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Buzzard of Morfe
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Re: OK to eat Fish?
Aug 21, 2000, 11:43
I forgot to mention nervous systems, a high factor in deciding if something is an ethical dinner or not. If it looks like it says 'ouch', back off!

A disturbing fact to the super-sensitive of you out there, is evidence of plants reacting (when monitored) to a person entering the room. Tests were done to monitor the response of a gruop of plants when a person who had recently killed one of the plants entered the room. The results were staggeringly high compared to the response to other (innocent) people entering.

You can see the identity parade now, all those guys lined up in fron of a Cannabis Sativa, while it gesticulates wildly with it's recently amputated stalks!

Joking apart, does anyone have a criteria that makes sense?
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