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Sep 28, 2010, 03:10

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George Monbiot wrote:
When people in the UK ask me where they should go to find out what's really happening in the world, I direct them to ZCom. For me it's the starting point in the great global conversation which the internet permits. The only hope we have of countering the 24-hour propaganda produced by the likes of Fox News and Clear Channel is to develop our own media, and ZCom does it better than anyone else. And now a massive blog system too!

John Pilger wrote:
I hesitate to call ZCom the leading samizdat of our age, because it is also one of the great newspapers of the internet, print, and video. You get more in one visit than hours of thumbing through voluminous newspaper voices of rapacious power. The range of good journalism, writing and scholarship on ZCom is astonishing: from the pen of the well-known to eyewitness reporting of 'citizen journalists'.

Howard Zinn wrote:
The many Z projects have played an enormously important role in connecting thousands of people outside the traditional channels of communication, bypassing the major media. and introducing into the world of ideas original and provocative insights and significant information that otherwise would be lost. Z has always struggled financially, as befits a bold and dissident organization, and so deserves all the help we can possibly give it.
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