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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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Nasty Nick
Aug 19, 2000, 19:38
OK, 'Big Brother' may have been a boring pile of wank so far, but I think we've just witnessed something very significant over the last couple of days.

The wider implications of what has happened in that house are that Nick with his priveleged public school background and stockbroking career (and by implication many such people) has just been condemned by more forward-thinking people of his own generation. Now, say what you like about the others in that house, but the fact that they all come from a wide variety of backgrounds and showed utter dismay and incomprehension at someone doing what came 'naturally' to him, ie: fucking people over big-time in the most sickeningly self-centered Thatcherite way, is so heartening. It felt like a generation standing up, pointing at the product of '80s political thinking and saying that IT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE WAY TO BE THIS WAY. I know there must have been an element of 'Get him out and I stand more chance of winning', but it was, I hope, a reflection of a wider realisation that Greed is no longer Good and that Personal Gain by any means necessary is NOT RIGHT.

I'm bound to be reading more into this than there is, but think about it. If this show had happened in the 80's we would never have seen a builder eloquently and rationally telling a stockbroker he is upset and emotional at how he has been fucked over by him. The subliminal sociological implications of this show on its 5 million viewers actually do give me some hope for the future.

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