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Wow! Such hate for the U.S.
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Moon Cat
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Re: Wow! Such hate for the U.S.
Jul 24, 2002, 03:48
Glad you're aware of some of the strong feelings dude.
Now try and get some of those fuck nuts that govern the US to have the sense of foresight and responsibility to see what impact their acts have on the rest of the planet we happen to share.
Y'know, as a kid I grew up in the UK admiring the USA for many things; the drive, the popular culture, the sheer otherworldly AMerican ness of it all. And when I was lucky enough to travel across the US, the people I met were fantastic. The only thing that was slightly worrying, even when I was a kid was the fact that there seemed to be so little knowledge and even comprehension of anywhere remotely foreign. This is no shit.....a kid (we were both about 14 at the time) in Wisconsin told me how he wanted to travel to Europe and was honestly stunned when I said it might be useful to learn French. "WHaaat? They speak anutha language?"

I still love lotsa USA stuff. But does the US care for anyone else?

It;s a real shame but all I see now is an overweight all consuming bully thats only just beginning to wake up to the fact that its eating of the worlds resources and general pushing the world about may be pissing some people off.
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