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Wow! Such hate for the U.S.
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Wow! Such hate for the U.S.
Jul 23, 2002, 02:28
On a recent job in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, while in a taxi, we were being attacked by an Arab SUV driver who was trying to drive us off the road. The cabbie said it was because we were Americans. O.K. the Arabs (our allies) have disdain for all things western, religion, music, movies etc. At one point these women told us they were related to Osama and were happy with what happened on Sept. 11th. I was very happy to leave their 110F, sand stormed, veiled women hell.
Last time I was in Paris I was punched in the chest. I assume because I was wearing a t-shirt with mild American references (an odd Sonic Youth t-shirt)
While in England at a Fall concert, abunch of young English lads and lasses had a little problem with us capitalists, that we weren't aware of the problems we caused the world. They singled out "me" that I had to do something about America's problems(they claimed they were communists). Yes America has played its hand in a lot of shit since day one. Civil Wars, deceptions of unbeliveable magnitude.
As you saw in our last election the American public has no power, big buisness is the law of the land. This is a very infuriating time. Change takes time. I dont know of any country or people who are beyond judgement. Seems England and all our allies are still supportive. Until the people of those land as well as Americans start an upheaval nothing is going to change.
We are all in the same straits, and are all to blame.
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