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neighbours from hell
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neighbours from hell
Jul 21, 2002, 23:35
isnt it about time that relentlessly noisy, obnoxious bastards are wiped out. one day i fully intend to get in touch with my dark side and curse my f***ing neighbours to everlasting silence. No - i dont wish to listen to second-hand opera for 3 hours whilst i am trying to enjoy an atmospheric film. no, i dont wish to have news, weather and sport updates everytime i go for a shit. and no, i dont wish to listen to piano music at 0100 hrs in the morning when i have work the next day. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh they said, try talking to him, yep yep yep, done that loads of times, phoned him at six in the morning to tell him to shut the fuck up because he was playing his radio loud so he could hear it in the shower. what a f***ing wanker!! i have tried retaliating (which usually gets people nowhere) and surprise it didnt make any difference.. has ANYONE had to put up with this kind of shit? and if so, other than calling the police (which i would like to avoid doing) what did you do about it?
your advice would be greatly appreciate.
thank you

a very annoyed, stressed out witch, who really doesnt want to resort to wax and p/quills or indeed niding poles through his loft hatch...
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