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Jul 15, 2002, 22:56
It's about time Pagans and practising witches were able to speak freely of their beliefs. I know society has moved a long way forward, but still, there are alot of ignorant people out there who from their intolerance to paganism, drive witches into being secretive. Isn't it about time this sacred spiritual, religion was recognised as 'normal'? After all, the genuine pagans believe in looking after the earth and our effects on it. We celebrate festivals which the Christians stole from us, worship nature, enjoy Mother earth and keeping our existance-consumer damage as minimal as possible. Surely, in 21st century, with all our technology, media etc.. that people cannot STILL think that we are devil-worhippers (Christians in denial) and that we sacrifice babies, have wild orgies etc...
Pagans should be comfortable saying that they are Pagan, not feel humble or defensive about it.
Anyone our there feels the same way? Any comments?
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