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Can we not kill SOME animals?
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Can we not kill SOME animals?
Aug 14, 2000, 01:10
After some lazy browsing on WebFerret, to garner other opinions on Lord Lucan's vein of enquiry, I find, at http://www.fitshaced.com, the following diatribe:

"The animal rights argument is based upon the philosophical theories and the idea of "rights." According to activists, rights consist of the entitlement not to be killed or made to suffer. They teach that anyone who believes humans have these rights cannot exclude animals from having them as well. The religion of the animal rights movement teaches equality for both humans and animals. Animal rights groups contend that if we exploit and murder animals solely based on their lack of intelligence and potential, then we should also exploit infants and the mentally-retarded for the same reasons. And I agree whole-heartedly. What good are those smelly shits and slobbering retards anyway? Fry them up. And while we're at it, let's toss some vegetarians onto the barbecue as well. Fuck meat. Let's eat vegetarians. "

It is a wind up, yet I work with Autistic children, and young adults with learning disabilities, and they, with all their problems and pain, have displayed more love and intelligence than the prick who thinks this kind of shit to be funny.

Freedom of speech again? What about those 'slobbering retards', how can they defend themselves against such vicious attacks?

I know one slobbering retard that makes me want to kill. So I suppose he's won. Until I catch him.

Feel free to mail the bastard, tho' I expect he wanks himself stupid at every mail he recieves, good or bad.

grrrrrr. raaahhh.
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