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friedhead revisited
Aug 11, 2000, 20:53
I feel I owe an explanation for my emitting a week or so ago (re ****). Sorry for scaring one of you!

I was waaaaaay out with the Fungus Spirits, getting ready to leave for the wide open moors, and I was forced to sit at my window, overlooking a sheepfield. I was made aware (quite painfully) to the fact that man is not a gentle creature. This might sound obvious, but this was made profound by the sentiment of "fucking while the iron is hot". We are GOING to do damage, and believe me she knows it, yet we CAN reach a harmony, and learn to love. Like the man said.

I won't go on, yet want to share this one thing that came out of four hours freefalling.

I am made acutely aware that I, even as a 'caring conservationist' for want of a better description, cause great destruction by proxy, as do most of you. I have since revoked dairy produce, lamb and chicken, (beef I gave up ages back, after a WEIRDER vision!) and all GMO foods. It is hard, but not as hard as one deathly silent moment looking out of my window last week, and then, when I KNEW, ALL the sheep came shouting out of silence like a chorus of approval.

It's hard to face ourselves when the mirror is clear enough to SEE. It's ugly. I wonder how vociferous the meat-lovers would be if they had to hack a live cow up every time they wanted a spag-bog.

By proxy we destroy. And I've nothing against self-sufficiency or eating meat IF YOU KILL IT YOURSELF!, it's lack of love and respect that's fucking us all up.

Food, transport, building, leisure, work, bywords of our lives, yet poison all BY OUR OWN CHOICE (or lack of character by not choosing sustainable options) By proxy we are fucking it all up.

But you guys know all this already.
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