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It's really gonna kick off (well....maybe)
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Re: It's really gonna kick off (well....maybe)
Oct 26, 2009, 15:41
dave clarkson wrote:
Does anyone not think that the BNP have gained interest as a result of the 'cack handed conservative form of socialism', that has been new labour for the last so many years, doing sod all for those communities where fear, and in some places, neglect and impoverishment, has led to blame, misguided anger and racism as a result?

Yeah I saw QT too and apart from the inevitable and obvious bigotry and racism on display (what did people expect?), I also felt a bit pissed off hearing Jack Straw, who's government have spent best part of their years in office focussed on and supporting pointless invasions and wars on terror (and leading to more terror) rather then addressing issues closer to home. Maybe that's why Griffin ended up on QT the other night.

It appears that our George Galloway might agree, if he was to take one step back from his own posturing he'd be brilliant. Anyway this is what he says in todays Daily Record. (not a paper I'd normally read!!!)

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