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Stop Thatcher having a state funeral
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Moon Cat
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Edited Aug 25, 2009, 19:39
Re: Stop Thatcher having a state funeral
Aug 25, 2009, 19:28
geoffrey_prime wrote:
Come on..you are trippin'.. Cameron wins hands down, unless you can suggest otherwise..

Simple. When it comes to all the election hoo-hah and shots across the bows certain things are gonna resonate. Yes, all major parties got stung in the expenses mess, but think you this...

The Labour mob's expenses were, mostly for pretty mundane things in the grand scheme of things. And I don't mean that in an 'it's ok' sense, cos plainly it isn't. What I mean, is that whilst the Labourites were claiming for things like mortgages and so on, the Tories, who, lest we forget, have been trying fucking DESPerately to shed their old Etonians image, had the Duck Hut and the Moat AND that nob that, when questioned about his expenses on his super-duper mansion, cheerily proclaimed that the outrage was caused by jealousy 'cos he had a 'Big House'.
And then recently we've had that bell-end Tory dissing the NHS, which is a point of necessity for the vast majority of people in the country, on a hyper-right wing American TV show. And the guy asking, in the midst of all this, for MP's wages to be increased astronomically. People do remember these things. Especially when Labour choose to remind them of 'em. Which they will.

So, yes Labour are fucked at the mo, in a mess, all over the shop. But, when the shit-slinging starts the Duck-Hut and the Moat and all that.... It will come back to haunt because the true Tory colours have been seeping through. Maybe the Tories will win, but I think mainstream politics is so damaged right now that it won't be the walkover you assume.

The Tories always have been, always will be, a party dedicated to the needs and wants of a fiscal and social elite, and for all the pretty green trees on logos, all the 'call me Dave'isms, everyone else can pretty much go hang. If you think otherwise you are seriously fooling yourself.
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