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Youse barred!
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Re: Youse barred!
May 07, 2009, 11:30
Yup, pretty much agree with the dangers of that sort of thing. I'm sure Hitler started off with a soapbox down his local park.

However, recently there were attempts made to bar this guy


I've heard him speak, and he seems level headed about it all. Perhaps opportunist, but it does raise some good questions.
I think there are cirumstances in which we have to discuss the sides of our f-up-ness we'd rather go on pretending don't exist.

I've always though there should be advice leaflets on how to 'dump' your baby or child in a safe way, replete with the strong message that if you do so there is nothing for you to be ashamed about, and that in fact, you're doing the right thing if that's how you feel.

All the emphasis on always 'helping' young mums to stay with their children and basically making them feel more ashamed does, as we hear to out horror, often go tragically wrong.

Now as for spreading hatred...nothing to back this up, but I do think that the argument has some parallel with 'computer games/horror films make peole go on killing sprees'.

Most of us accept that to do so means you have those tendencies anyway, and that the violent images merely accomodate this. A bit like a child abuser getting off on standing outside a playground...do we ban playgrounds?

Of course where enclaves exist and there is no real contact with the outer world then I can see how attitudes cam form and be stuck.
The threat of voilence/persecution ontop that and yes, disaster strikes.

But this eejit, I'd leave him to it. His platfrom is the media, and we do still have alot of intelligent thought out there and it will always win.

Of course Abu Hamza was another matter. He was linked to a network where words were designed to gear up actions and he had real involvement there so yes, good riddance.


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