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Steiner Education
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Re: Steiner Education
Jun 07, 2002, 16:49
>>Actually the question was ‘whats your
>> experience of it?’, but never mind.

Quite right. I actually had GiW's second posting in mind which was leaning more towards .. I want some opinions as to how good/bad it is so I can decide if it's right for me kiddie.

Anyhow, I agree with your latter comments whole heartedly. I don't think the system as a whole would be right for all, but something similar would. (Please don't ask me how I would change it :-) )

I seriously considered it for my youngest because she is ... erm ... how shal I say it? ... unusual in her approach to things and did not learn well in the present state system. This was one reason for moving to Ireland. She has fared better here but not as much as I'd hoped.

She actually learns much more when left to her own devices. Unfortunately for her carreer prospects this isn't a lot of use as she (at the moment) has no desire to do more than the very basics at maths/English unless she gets really engaged in a certain area then she goes mad on it. Weird and kinda hard to explain properly.

I don't know if a Steiner style education would have benfitted her, but I do know that in her case it could not have been worse than the state system.

I didn't like the idea of paying for something that I think the gov't should provide properly, but for my daughter's sake I would have done it if it was the right thing for her.

I would also have pestered my MP like a bastard to get the educational system sorted so that others didnt have to do this.

Everyone should have the proper education provided for them that is right for them.
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