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animal rights campaigners jailed
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Re: animal rights campaigners jailed
Jan 27, 2009, 21:29
dee wrote:
handofdave wrote:
You've made your position quite clear, I guess. As you've got very, very clear lines drawn and wouldn't budge from them (and I'm not asking you to) I guess we're going to have to leave it where it is. I still think there's a certain odd schism between your consent to abortion and the position that animals are totally off limits. Does that mean that human fetuses have no rights, but animals do? It just seems like a strange distinction at best, if the basic premise is that we have no right to destroy a defenseless life.

Im a man, Dave. What I am getting at is that I am pro choice, ie I support a womens right to choose. Abortion IS horrific and should not be entered into lightly. Its a very emotive and sensitive issue. i've never had experience of it in my life.Dunno what else to say apart from yeah, i can see where you are coming from with your connection of the two, but they are seperate issues imo. I dont think we should continue this one!!!! I respect your views though.

They are separate issues. I suppose that I probably see a personal policy of not harming or eating animals a spiritual decision. And so maybe I'm jumping the gun in assuming that you'd arrived at a philosophy in that regard, which might include some other decisions that have closely related themes.
There is no one size fits all way of thinking, and I'm glad for it. If there were, people wouldn't examine their beliefs.
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