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Public transport
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Re: Public transport
Jul 16, 2000, 22:20
Frank, you've hit the biggest nail, square on!
I live in England, this is a tiny country (geographically) in the world order of things, and we still have this Empirical/Imperialist hang up, so much so that the need to emulate (keep up) with the American Way Of Life has overshadowed right thinking. The UK has limited natural resources, and much of that is being mined and exported, yet it is a fine, temperate and productive land. Public transport is seen as a 'low-life' option by many over here, and the fact that our present bus and rail service is both crap and expensive helps not at all.

This country, should it's government be bold enough to take the initiative, could be THE model for turning back the destruction and building a sustainable, clean culture. Like the Americans, we are hung up about being world leaders in this and that, why oh why can't we build a sustainable economy and groundbreaking transport infrastructure? This is something I feel very positive about, it forms the argumentative basis regarding funding for our Conference/Work-Centre for Sustainable Technology that I am taking great pains and pleasure to found.

Thanks for your astute observation!

It's the only way to put the Great Back into Britain, and the Britons back into greatness!
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