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The Jamie Oliver Swindle -
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The Jamie Oliver Swindle -
Jan 30, 2008, 13:45

Some of us are Tall some of us are short some of us are lean and some of us are overweight.

One day we will die, no may bees we will It could happen today, tomorrow, next week, nest year or some time later in the furture but it will happpen.

It may be through Ill Health, Disease, Accident, Old Age you can not prevent it.


It is a swindle. the mieia has gone into over drive to control what you eat detials now flood the internet and other media.

In reality it causes numerous injuries and deaths every year; it fosters cultism, fear and distrust; it destroys, deceives and manipulates.

Con artists specializing in Healthy eathing target and exploit the most vulnerable among us, often children, teens and low income consumers.

Unfortunately, there’s a great deal of complacency and ignorance about this fraud. Many professionals shrug it off as not their concern. Consumers seldom complain.

Regulatory agencies plead budget constraints and more pressing problems. But we can no longer afford to be complacent about the current upsurge in fraud and quackery in the health field.

We are horrified at What our forefathers and even our own grandparents ate but they lived and died just like we will.

Have you been Conned. Enjoy Life its too short
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