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You say Potato, I say Potato
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You say Potato, I say Potato
Oct 02, 2007, 23:35
The latest rumblings from the American right wing involve the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


Sounds an awful lot like the private armies and corporate juggernauts that the Bush administration grants lucrative contracts and secret, behind-closed-doors power to.

It's no secret that the right wing has been fomenting and aiding coups in the third world for many decades, thru their cronies in various industries. South America and the middle east in particular has been the focus of this below-the-counter low level warfare.

What really distinguishes a fascist led Iran from a fascist led USA? It's true that in the US you won't be hung for being homosexual, or beaten for refusing to wear a headscarf, or whatever other medieval laws are enforced there... but as for this criticism that the US is making against Iran in regards to monopolizing of the economy by politically connected powers- it's pure hypocrisy.
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