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Bottom Gear
Jul 10, 2000, 01:56
Cars cars cars... it's heartwarming and right that this issue is spannering our brains for what they are worth, and I'm glad no-one has slandered me for being a hoofer, it is probably among the top three threats facing our quest for a 'better way' on this earth, and looking back over the comments and thoughts here, it's easy to see why people give up , crying 'just give me the keys bitch' (to use a popular quote!)

We have all grown up with it, and the entire infrastructure of economy and social life is geared around the driver. The governments are milking the fuel revenue, thats why roads, car parks and out of town Shopping Temples get built quicker than signs saying 'slow down, children' get passed at council committee meetings.

We didn't start this war, yet it's we who've gotta put the mad dog down before it eats us alive and shits in our beds. Waddya mean, 'too late?' The car has been done, it's already a backward thinking concept. But it's still an earning concept, and a fine one at that. Any 'civilized' culture would have opted for cleaner and safer methods of transport already (if not realised that the answer is simply: wake up to the fact that life was rather good before the car (ask yer grandfather wether we're better off with all these cars), and with new technology and less money spent on the buggers we could all have a clean, full, less-stressful life with the money we save, while making longer trips on shuttle systems), so on that premise, we've got to get civilized before the problem can be solved.

So until then, give me the frigging car keys, I'm off outta here, there are too many cars!

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