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Zeitgeist the movie
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Shelby Mustang
Shelby Mustang
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Zeitgeist the movie
Aug 25, 2007, 17:48
i don't know if any of you lot have posted this before but it's worth doing again just in case.

it's two hours long so get yourself comfy, but watch it, you have to watch it. it really is worth two hours of your life.

it's conspiracy based, it covers the new world order.............i just deleted a load of babble about it that i wrote to tempt you in but i'd certainly do it no credit with my clumsy review technique.

there was a part in it though where a man stood in front of an audience and ranted about the industrialists and bankers that decide our fates and he shouted in a tired ragged voice "i'm human goddamnit, my life has value" nuffsaid

as i say you all probably know about this movie, but if you haven't seen it then watch it.

come the revolution baby xx

google zeitgeistthemovie.com or just follow your nose

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