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"contains no hydrogenated fat"
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Edited Jul 11, 2007, 22:29
Jul 11, 2007, 19:50
F%cking hydrogenated fat, in finland they even don´t always inform consumers if the product contains it (at least not in finnish!)!

This "low fat" mafia is one of the biggest risks for modern human´s health, people buy it in an illusion of getting thinner, but instead not just getting fatter (this shit is difficult to "burn" away, only way getting rid of it is the same as for cholesterol!) they also experience varieties of other health problems.

But also we have GM and other styles of modification, soft drinks and "sweets" full of nerve poison, meat contains antibiotics, drinking water contains Fluor(ides) (also most toothpastes!), which nazis used for mind control (it´s true, it has the effect of calcifying the pineal gland, which in turn effects on MANY things!), cigarettes have been made to something completely different (not mention in how many ways they are not healthy, though it (tobacco, as well as hemp wich, in turn has been criminalized!) could work as an important catalyst for human brain activity(positively, of course!)), alcohol has been couraged to use (usually in fairly large quantities, when at least temporary brain damage is experienced and in the longer run when used too heavily (which might not be that much after all) it just doesn´t do ANY go(o)d), we have various synthetic rubbish what they call medicine (many of wich cause some sort of acute or long term damage) AND we have the "box" (wich some people call television)etc. etc...

I mean what more do we need to be everything else but really living (jobs only for making money?).

No, but really!

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