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Yes, Georgie, there is a F-CKING PROBLEM YOU GIT
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Edited Apr 03, 2007, 02:28
Yes, Georgie, there is a F-CKING PROBLEM YOU GIT
Apr 03, 2007, 02:02

About freaking time this happened.

The world will be a brighter place when this asshole dies.


Harry Reid, the Democratic leader, is threatening to pull funding for the war unless Bush agrees to a deadline for withdrawl from Iraq.

"The move is likely to intensify the Democrats' rift with the administration, which already contends Democrats are putting troops at risk by setting deadlines."

Talk about your doublespeak... Democrats are PUTTING TROOPS AT RISK for wanting to extricate them from being in the middle of a fookin' civil war that Bush started when he decided to invade and blow whatever law and order existed in Iraq.

It's Bush who's put the troops at risk- by being an idiot with delusions of grandeur and starting a conflict he didn't understand or know how to win.

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