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London nail bomber
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Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan
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London nail bomber
Jul 01, 2000, 10:58
Good to see David Copeland sent down yesterday.
Did anyone see last night's Panorama on this vile bastard? I was totally stunned to hear his brother describing him when he was younger as having 'a healthy dislike of gay people'. Healthy? Doesn't this idiot realise that is the exact attitude which can start people on the road to fascism? Why are gay people STILL seen as a minority less deserving of respect than ethnic minorities? No-one would say a dislike of black people was healthy. This pecking order of prejudice has got to stop.
I was pretty dumbfounded by the programme's implication that this was an easily-influenced, meek, young lad who happened to get in with the wrong people and that the responsibility rests with the evil BNP indoctrinators. There are plenty of easily-influenced, meek, young people out there who don't get involved in nazism and murder. The guy had his own free-will. It was HIS decision to get heavily involved in these organisations, and he was an ARDENT supporter of them. He didn't get sucked in, he LOVED IT. It seems to me that the BBC allowed the reporter to portray Copeland as a victim so they could tack some investigative journalism about these organisations onto the second half of the programme. Lazy reporting. Oh, and some of the mixed metaphors and grammatical errors were glaring. Bits of it sounded like The Day Today. I wish they'd waited longer after the verdict and spent more time on this report than cobbling together such an infuriating programme.
Anyway, that said, let's hope this case makes anyone else with similar thoughts think twice.
I live in Brixton and frequently visit the gay scene in Soho and have to say I was proud of the way everyone pulled together here after the attacks. Copeland's stated intention was to stir up racial tension and start some sort of Charles Manson-like armageddon. He actually had totally the opposite effect. I've never seen the community here come so close. I think it also helped destroy some of the cross-minority prejudice which is an unfortunate fact of life around here too.
Copeland, you've made us MORE stable and determined that your type will never succeed.
Peace to us all.
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