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How to get rid of the turdman
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How to get rid of the turdman
Feb 19, 2002, 15:36
The US government thugs, not content with pissing off their ‘enemies’ (all those that are not ‘with them’), are now pissing off their allies. Massive angry anti-American demonstrations this time in South Korea, one of the US closest allies. All the recent rapprochement efforts between North and South down the drain, thanks to Dubya’s good-versus-evil pseudo-christian childish fantasies. But a glimmer of hope – (cos I’m an eternal optimist) - since most South Koreans are against American attitude then why not unite against the arrogant fuckers? And let the US isolate itself even more. I've never seen so much antiamerican feeling in the West either. ‘Somebody’ has got to stop them. I mean the majority (95%), the rest of the ‘civilised’ world, for fucks sake. Even Blair is distancing himself, or is he just waiting to see how the others act so as to show us his smiley glare?

Or maybe the solution lies within the US itself, since this post-coldwar post-menstrual farce is their internal problem. How to prevent the arsebrains from
maintaining power in the next election when their popularity's skyrocketed after the Afghan B-52 carpet bombings? I mean, even though the US will be fucked for a long time without Dubya, it's taught me that the Democrats, though still fundamentalist christian worshippers + frustrated corporate arselickers, are indeed lesser-evils. Or aren't they?

Politically isolated and ostracised or attempt to be best mates like Blair has done?

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