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Who Grows?
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Who Grows?
Jun 30, 2000, 14:06
Merrick wrote a fabulous piece on UK Anarchy, posted on U-Know articles. I would like to echo his thoughts on this fact:
Capitalism is charismatic to it's subscribers, so much so that it's popularity only grows when an opposing group, such as an Anti- Bypass campaign, or the RTS movement, is condemned. And lets face it, a very large chunk of the voting world in the west, the big bad west, will swallow much of what they read in the self-serving tabloids they buy on the way to work. Truth is, 'image' is still very much a key part of peoples lives, probably more now than ever before. The sofa and TV culture are largely ignorant of their 'capitalist fodder' status, and 'image' is so important to people, that often any group, even 'Greenpeace', who oppose contemporary capitalist ideas are seen as a fly in the soup. The (can't stand the label) 'Environmentalist' is still seen as an Anarchist or even worse a 'work-shy hippy idealist', and while this might not be a problem for the righteous and thoughtful person like you or me, to the other voters and shoppers, (the real power is in their hands) the whole thing still smells fishy.

What can be done?

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