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setting an example
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setting an example
Jun 28, 2000, 12:03
At the weekend myself & some friends went to the Rollright Stones for a mid Summers gathering.

We had a wonderful time and were most impressed by the organisation and theatrics (esp. the Morris men:-)

However, as it had been billed as a family event, we were not impressed by the rather colourful language used, during the ritual, by the self proclaimed "King Arthur Pendragon”(of the cotslwold order of "Druids").

Now please don't get me wrong, I am not whiter than white; I can & do swear with the best of them, but I will not do so infront of children. I also can't see any reason why it should be brought into a circle.

Surley we should be setting expample??????
or do I still live in the victorian age?
Am I wrong to feel embarrassed when assosciated with this kind of behaviour?
Aren't we supposed to be trying to illustrate to our blinkered contempories that we are as "good" as the next person?????

I hate to rant & bicker about my “family” but on this occasion I have to - SORRY!

Love, & hugs
Blessed be
the good faerie

P.s Out of curiousity what give’s “Pendragon” the right to claim this title? And if he is Arthur then what the hell is he doing at a Pgan gathering? The jerk was a bloody Christian!!!!!!!!!

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