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More sensationalist shite
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More sensationalist shite
Dec 13, 2001, 10:01
Did anyone see panorama last night about the men who perpetrated september 11? Jesus! I'm sure I remember Panorama having high quality investigation and reporting, not this sensationalist shite. Phrases like "but he managed to hide his true face: the face of a terrorist" and "by this time all three men had grown beards" turned the programme into a farce. However, when I accessed the BBC website to enjoy everyone scathing remarks on the programme, I find that so far all but a rightly insulted Muslim thought it was excellent! http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/audiovideo/programmes/panorama/newsid_1707000/1707165.stm

I'm not even going to start to comment on the reporting about Sarah Payne's murderer. I'm so sickened today...
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Re: More sensationalist shite
Dec 13, 2001, 11:33
Agent Orange, I know what you mean, although for some obscure reason I turned panorama off after 10 seconds, think I'm tired of it all now.



I'm off now to watch David Dickinson on Bargain Hunt, now that IS quality television, you know what you're getting, it's good honest value, and no filth..(mutter mutter)
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Re: More sensationalist shite
Dec 14, 2001, 13:38
no, I think that all the slow close-ups of those bloke's eyes was quite justified. Certainly gave me a new insight into the case. I was quite suprised that they had learned to fly at one point too ...

my favourite bit was the establishing shots of Hamburg, showing the red-light district - were they trying to make out that Atta and crew patronised the local ladies?

I suspect that the CIA has made the film and written the script, and redistributed it around the world for local voiceovers ...

ps no, she really was Our Sara. Fear Your Neighbours!
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