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Road culture gets pricey....
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Road culture gets pricey....
Jun 21, 2000, 08:21
Right people, take a look at this:
It appears that the increasing high price of petrol is stirring into action the accelerator-pedal gang. They want to boycott the petrol pumps on the first day of every month until the government acts and brings down prices again.

Now, granted, we DO pay 614% tax on fuel in this country (far higher than anywhere else), but I for one don't really give a shit how expensive fuel is.
People simply HAVE TO stop driving so much.
It'll be a shame if driving were to become a "privilege" of the rich, but at the end of the day, surely the less people that use their cars, the better?
Or is it naive to think that high prices of fuel will stop anyone from driving?

Have a read of the website - there's obviously a lot of strong feeling about this, I've already had a couple of people emailing me links to it.

What are people's opinions on this?

Oh, and HAPPY SOLSTICE by the way!
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