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Yo! Kampf (please read this)
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Yo! Kampf (please read this)
Oct 29, 2001, 16:44
"Adolf Hitler in his tome Mein Kampf, credited the United States for instructing the Aryan world in methods to attain land and supremacy over sub-human entities. His version of the Federal Indian policy resulted in the deaths of more than 11 million people. America declares itself to be founded on the principles of a universal brotherhood of all mankind, yet it engaged in the use of slave-labourers abducted from Africa to economically earn its independence from Britain and later, Ilocano Filipinos to lay track for it‘s Railroad firms. And in the 400 plus years since the first African stepped foot in the Americas, the dispute continues to rage as to whether or not the descendents of these slaves truly enjoy equal citizenship rights under the law."

Anyone have any feelings? This isn't anti-US rhetoric that I'm referring to, it's just a wake up call, and below is far and away the best article I've read regarding the bombings etc. Seqoyah Rodriguez? why isn't he sitting in the White House, why do we have a mad muppet? I'm worried beyond sleep that the terrorists shall achieve their goal and the juvenile Western 'sleeping giant' is gonna trample up a shitload of death for everyone, rather than going after the offenders. Talk of flags, flags and oil, flags and oil and God. What are we like?


Warning*** the above page is readable, but if you click 'home' you are informed that you may be henceforth subjected to surveillance.***

I kid you not.


Peace, Vision, Truth x

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