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Hunting Enquiry Report
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Re: Hunting Enquiry Report
Jun 13, 2000, 19:44
Here's a small part of the report:
Chapter 2 HUNTING
4 Hunting with dogs is a diverse activity.
5 There are about 200 registered packs of hounds (mainly foxhounds but also some
harriers) in England and Wales which hunt foxes, plus a number of unregistered packs in
Wales. Most packs have mounted followers but a number, including the Fell packs in
Cumbria and the footpacks in Wales, are followed on foot only. The Welsh gunpacks use
dogs to flush foxes to waiting guns.
6 The registered packs are estimated to kill some 21,000-25,000 foxes a year.
About 40% of the foxes killed by the registered packs are killed in the autumn/cub
hunting season. In Wales and other upland areas, a high proportion of foxes are dug out,
using terriers, and shot. Outside the registered packs, many more foxes are dug out and
shot or are killed by people using lurchers or other "long dogs". Some of these activities
are carried out by farmers, landowners and gamekeepers. Others involve trespass.
7 There are three registered staghound packs in the Devon and Somerset area. They
kill about 160 red deer a year in total, excluding injured deer which they dispatch. This
probably represents about 15% of the numbers which need to be culled in the area to
maintain a stable population.
8 There are about a hundred registered packs of hounds (beagles, bassets and
harriers) which hunt hares. They kill about 1,650 hares a season, a very small percentage
of the number killed by shooting.9 There are some 24 registered hare coursing clubs, which kill about 250 hares a
year in total, and a small number of other unregistered clubs. But there is a good deal of
illegal hunting/coursing in some areas.
10 The 20 minkhound packs kill somewhere between 400 - 1,400 mink a season.
The number is thought to be considerably smaller than that killed by trapping and

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