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Fuck you Julian Cope
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Fuck you Julian Cope
Apr 05, 2005, 18:37
"Sexism in Islam is even more extreme that it is in Christianity and Judaism, yet we in the West persist in offering these patriarchal homophobes their right to practise archaic misogynistic practises under our very noses. Has Britain become so secular that its population can no longer see that disputing the right to indulge in such irrational lifestyles is not Racist, but merely Creedist?"

What a bleedin racist fascist sentiment. Is this designed to get you into the 'States ? Disputing the right for someone else to choose what clothes they wear ? Replace disputing with banning and you get closer to the truth. And not just anyone, just Muslim women.

I can't believe you used to have the intelligence to write the Peggy Suicide sleeve notes for Double Vegetation, and now you are pandering to the Nick Griffins amongst us. You are no pagan, you are a suck up to the Neo-Roman emperor. I'll be binning my Cope CDs tonight you little rascist Yankee suck-up. If you ever return to Scotland you will get the kicking you deserve.
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