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Annexus Quam
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Jul 20, 2001, 19:22
Eight old gits idly and carelessly talking hipocritical shit while at least one hundred thousand people outside are unlistened to. Democracy my arse! Would they still sit there wining and dining if the whole of the population they are supposedly representing were outside ranting against their 'global economy' pretensions? There's of course those who protest, those who acquiesce from their armchairs and those who spend their lives in numbness; violent groups are doing it wrong, but who accuses the police when they beat and kick defenceless folks on the ground? Why should the police be allowed to maim and even shoot as they themselves gag for violence in anticipation nazi-like? I can picture each European city's mayor boasting 'it won't happen in my city, we have the best police force and we will crush them' - but then it does, over and over again, as frustration continues to build up in the population. Future history books will speak of... 'once upon a time there were eight idle villains sitting round a table and *pretending* to be trying to help the world'. These farcical summits make me sick.

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