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Battle for the Trees
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Battle for the Trees
May 24, 2000, 19:20
I bought the book yesterdayand all I can say is - it is one of the most inspiring things I have ever read!
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Re: Battle for the Trees
May 24, 2000, 19:51
I'm nearly finished reading it. Don't tell me the end and ruin it (like someone did for me with the film 'Titanic').

Also, I can't keep up with how many people Merrick is shagging.

When is the film version coming out?

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Re: Battle for the Trees
May 25, 2000, 15:34
I just finished this book a few days ago. Having been a "day girl" myself at Newbury, it had a very emotional effect on me. And yet again it would appear that my path crossed with Julian before I was even aware of him.
I visited Newbury late last year, and it is unrecognisable. Those beautiful trees at Penwood really do seem like a millennium ago. And the worst thing is, after all that, the road is even uglier and more pointless than anyone could have imagined. Go figure.
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Re: Battle for the Trees
Jun 05, 2000, 20:37
Cherish to all those who contributed in whatever form.

Where was my head when it should have been with you - I'm ashamed.
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Re: Battle for the Trees
Jun 09, 2000, 22:26
Seems like forever ago. Rickety Bridge and all the gullible Speen locals I hated for not helping. I feel really sorry for the lot of them now.
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