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That's a big burger
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Re: big reply pt 2
Oct 01, 2004, 14:56
Lemon, if you say there a moral difference between fox hunting and farmed beef because beef involves eating it, yet you say 'no it wouldn't make hunting more acceptable if they ate it at the end', then you have completely contradicted yourself.

Self-righteousness is to assume a general personal superiority base on one's moral position. I've not seen anyone do that on this thread.

It's not self-righteous to examine an issue and take a position on an issue based on morality and logic that you can readily explain and justify.

If taking such a position makes someone self-righteous then the only people who don't qualify are those who have no moral position on anything.

The relative cruelty of catching wild animals for food vs farming them is pretty clear as far as I can see. Yep, Daminxa's right that the moment of death is quicker if done by cattle bolt than by pack of hounds, but that's not the full story.

The transport to the slaughterhouse and hearing the rest of the herd slaughtered is certainly stressful and is equivalent to the chase of a fox. And we have to just hope slaughterhouses abide by the rules that don't allow animals to spend a long time in sight of others being killed, and that the slaughter is indeed instant (there's lots of documentation of incidences where it's not). And with certain practices such as halal and kosher slaughter, it is never instant.

let's get anthropomorhic a while. Imagine if you were taken away from your family while still breastfeeding. You were never allowed the social bonds, the diet, the domestic arrangements that free people take as their right, but spent your life in a concentration camp. Crammed in, poorly fed you develop diseases that cause pain. When you're about 16 years old, they put you in a truck and drive your for a few hours to another camp. You can see other people queuing up to go into a building, you can hear them screaming. Then you're shoved into a stall and shot in the head.

Alternatively, you have life born, grown up and lived freely, with all the liberty and social bonding a free person wants. One afternoon you are set upon by a gang. They chase you for hours, running you in terror until you collapse with exhaustion, then they pull you to pieces in less than a minute.

Neither's a choice you'd volunteer for, but really, if you had to pick one wouldn't you go for the latter?
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