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Re: Shady geezer
Jun 12, 2001, 13:53
At the most my example was an indication that mysticism, whether Christian or otherwise, has parallels with quantum physics. Even Swedenborg, way back, was convinced that humankind would become increasingly materialistic, and obsessed with linear progress, thereby emptying our lives of the 'here and now' (a state of awareness that is anything but as pithy as it sounds), thereby opening doors in our consciousness that link ancestry, archetypes, feelings of belonging, visionary episodes, self-knowledge and the poetics of growth etc etc. All that exists within the gentle presence of 'now' extends beyond the perimeter of linear experience. Those who are rushing towards tomorrow to make up for lost time yesterday, are lost?

Point taken though RG, it was a suitable quote, that was all, I hereby proclaim not to endorse freaky Christian cults, even if one of them wipes their arse before speaking.


PS Who are the Landmark Foundation? Any links so I can sniff their poo?
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