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You think that's FUNNY!?!?
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You think that's FUNNY!?!?
May 17, 2004, 18:31
Today in the news, Abu Ghraib guard and inbred West Virginia military pixie Lynndie England was quoted as saying she found what she and others implicated thus far in the prisoner abuse scandals were doing to be "funny".

And no, not weird-funny, but hahaha-funny.

It just gets more horrible as it goes along. I have never been more ashamed and horrified at my own country as I am right now. The evil fruits planted during the Reagan era are obviously coming to seed...and if this Lynndie England person is any indication, the results are pure poison to anything civilized and rational.

If I could find some way to get myself, my equipment, and those I love out of the USA right now, I would. This nation is apparently becoming something I want no part of...sadly.
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