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evil is always the other
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Annexus Quam
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evil is always the other
Mar 25, 2001, 17:42
This is a poem included in Merrick’s excellent freak'n'rollin zyne Rooted (available from him)

A poem by Thomas Merton, as told by Lenny Bruce

My name is adolf eichmann
The jews came everyday to vat they thought would be fun in the showers
The mothers were quite ingenious, they vould take the children and hide them in bundles of clothing

They vere quiet soon because ve sealed them in, battened down the hatches, looked through the portholes and they would drop to the floor

They vere quiet.

Then we’d walk in, take off their clean Jewish love rings, remove the teeth and hair for strategic defence.
I made soap out of them.

They hung me in full view of the prison yard.

And people vould say ‘adolf eichemann was a beast!’

Nein, I vas a soldier

‘no no there are soldiers and soldiers, this was a beast!’

but I did a conscientious day’s work,
I vatched thru the portholes, saw every jew burned and turned into soap

do you people think yourselves better
because you burned your enemies
at long distances with missiles?
Without ever seeing what you’d done to them?

Auf wiedersehen

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