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Annexus Quam
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The Ice Caps Are Melting
Feb 03, 2004, 18:06
Nothing new here, but after 20 years of scientific panic for the state of the planet and when it was most needed at the start of a new millenium, here came The Shrub and decided that the Kyoto protocol would 'damage the economy' of his beloved United States. Well, his famous declaration has proved to be a load of blighted fakes:

First, he has squandered millions in order to appease a blood-thirsty population dying to bomb someone after an eternally open 7-11, permanently damaging the economy of his country in a more vicious way.

Second, he supports the creation of the highest tower to shelter offices in the service of Industry.

Third, he is ready to spend that money and more in propaganda-ridden epic trips to space.

Three years after his patriotic/sweaty-armpit words and 30,000 people gunned down only in Irak for a reason that never really existed, it is evident what colour his supporters are sporting. His other famous words after 2001 'we are Americans', 'God bless us', etc never sounded so dated and so fucking pathetic. Time gives the reason to the anti-war protesters, America's integrity in the world will only be saved by them, if there is anyone left.
And now is the last chance to get rid of him and his god-less dogs.

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